Our class for children ages 6-8. Classes are conducted fully in Italian with occasional sandwiching. Sandwiching introduces key words first in the target language, Italian, reinforces them in English, and finally repeats them in Italian. Classes are play based. Consistency is extremely important for children, so we start each day with our routine: updating our calendar, weather board and checking in on how we're doing. The current theme is then introduced which is supported through games, art and group or individual activities. In this class we'll introduce phonics and spelling to satisfy childrens' natural curiosity for written word. We wind down class with the ultimate communal experience: snack. We believe in sharing food and company. Sitting down together to enjoy healthy foods is the perfect way to end the joyful day of learning!  


No previous knowledge of Italian necessary. Each week we will send home the leson plan with your child with a vocabulary list.


Location: Our Saturday afternoon classes for Bambini will take place at beautiful Lighthouse Montessori. You'll love the traditional Montessori environment and great Ballard location.


La Piccola Scuola di Seattle

Tel: 503.863.9038