"Dida's the kind of teacher you wish every kid in the world could have. She doesn't just teach Italian, she teaches a love of learning, bringing so much energy and creativity to every lesson. My kids loved their time with Dida so much that they hardly realized they were learning to speak Italian!"


- Kathleen Lane, Parent

"Most amazing teacher at the UW. Extremely helpful and interested in whether or not her students are learning. Would do anything for her students and very nice."
- Student, University of Washington

"Olivia fell in love with Italian language and culture and she adores Dida's engaging teaching style, so she asked her if she could teach her privately. Dida skillfully delivers challenging grammar content in a zestful and fun way, which keeps Olivia fully engaged in the lessons and constantly seeking to attain the next level of proficiency in Italian. It has been such a pleasure to observe Olivia's  progress in the language and her interest for all things related to "la bella Italia." Grazie mille, Dida, we feel lucky you have been teaching our kid!"


- Ana and Renato, Parents



"Working with Dida has been a joyous experience. She has so much energy and passion for teaching and the children and parents just love Ms. Dida.  She is reliable, down to earth and it really shows how much she enjoys working with them. I've been fortunate to be able to work along side her."


- Maria Stobie

Director, Whole Child Learning Center


"Dida taught our kids Italian for several years before we went overseas to live in Italy for a year. Needless to say, they had a comfortable command of the language that allowed for a smooth transition to their public Italian elementary school. She is fabulous with kids and has such a great energy about her.  Anyone looking to expose their children to Italian as a second language shouldn’t hesitate for a minute to sign up with Dida!"


 - Jacqueline Jannotta Rothenberg, Parent



"I first met Dida at a summer language course. I enjoyed both her and the class so much that I decided to keep taking Italian. She's made it an amazing experience for me by striking the perfect balance between ensuring that I'm progressing in my skill and making it stress free and fun. Dida has been wonderfully organized, engaging, and flexible. She truly goes above and beyond to make the class something I will enjoy and to not only teach me the Italian language but the culture and lifestyle as well. Thank you Dida!" 


- Student, University of Washington

"Dida's energy and enthusiasm is perfect for working with children.  She ensures that children are not only learning through play, music, art, etc, but that they are having fun while doing so.  Children come to school excited to see Dida, which is telling of the positive rapport she builds with them."


- Michelle Sterkowicz, Director, Child Development Center 

Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy





"I took beginning Italian  and was fortunate to have Professoressa Beretta as my instructor. Her facility with the Italian and English languages and her ability to keep the class on track and interesting was very helpful to me personally and I am sure the class as a whole.  She encouraged us to use the words we had learned in sentences to tell of our weekend activities and used games, songs and audio visual aids to provide a solid support for our work with our textbook. I found her use of positive feedback to be extremely helpful in guiding the discussion to the lesson she had planned.  Her obvious joy at our success in learning made it a pleasure to grow in understanding of the Italian language and culture.  Her enthusiasm, positive energy and deep understanding of the subject created a nurturing, positive atmosphere in which to learn the Italian Language.   Grazie!"


- William, Student

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