Early Language Learning Shows Permanent Benefits, Study

December 8, 2015

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In the article First Language Wires the Brain for Later Language-Learning we were excited, but not surprised, to learn how early exposure to a second language can forever shape the brains of our children. Researches from McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute observed three groups of children: one group had exposure to one language only, the second group was fully bilingual and the third group was monolingual except for exposure to another language in their first year of life.


Children's brains were monitored as they listened to made up words in the guise of French. One center of the brain would light up in monolingual children. The bilingual children, instead, had multiple locations in their brain engaged when they heard the new words. Incredibly, the results were exactly the same for the children who had only been exposed to a foreign language in their first year of life! Researcher found the same amount of activity in their brains as they did in bilingual children. 

At La Piccola Scuola di Seattle we believe in the power of foreign language for children. We offer Italian for all ages and welcome all levels. Our Italian language classes for children begin at 12 months. Such early exposure to Italian ensures the pathways for language learning are set. Language classes for your child early on will ensure her a facility and ease with language later in life. 

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